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The Only Escape from a Fast Fire

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The Only Escape from a Fast Fire

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Faces of Toorcamp

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Hard Hat Pimps



Ambassador Nikita Perostek Chrusov


Noisebridge for the Mother Country

More photos.

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Going into the Silo

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The Shocker at Noisedome

Main Hall


Long Walk

Power Dome

Toorcamp was hosted at a decommissioned Titan missile silo site. Four stories underground, 55 degrees, and very cold war. We had to wear hard hats and go down in groups. It was an interesting place to be and photograph.

More photos.

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Toorcamp Shed

Most Interesting Bike Rack Yet

I Assure you this is Real


The Hacker Stage

Toorcamp was described as a surprise Burning Man. It was hot, dusty, and the wind did some awesome things. A small community of hackers and snarky bastards was formed and we partied like no tomorrow.

More photos.

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Biking to Toorcamp

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Packing my bags for another bike trip. This time I'm heading out on a 3 - 4 day trek to a decommissioned Titan missile silo 230 miles East of Seattle for the Toorcamp hacker conference. The whole thing will last through the forth of July weekend, camping with the Noisebridge contingency, and I think I'll be staying a bit after to help clean up.

I'm set to leave in a hand full of hours with two other Seattle locals. I've setup my iPhone to keep track of where I am and post the information online. You can check my progress on my new spiffy Locate page.

Looking forward to some interesting interactions at Toor.

Photo by Divide.

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