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BrainMeats: Occupy Everything – Overlap of Tech and the Occupy Movement

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A Messy Bench

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About two weeks ago (October 27th) while up in Seattle I was invited to participate in a podcastable discussion about the current overlap of technology and the Occupy Movement.

The inaugural episode of the BrainMeats podcast is devoted to the Occupy movement and what hackers and makers can do to support the protesters on the ground. Willow spoke over Skype to AriEllaMattRubin, and Sm├íri about the history of OWS, the meaning of illegibility within the movement, software tools for protesters, and more.

I was a little groggy through most of it and wish I had more fruitful things to say other than being the devil's advocate that I normally am. Anyhow it was a good discussion and if you're interested I recommend listening in on it. If you're curious about any of the sites/services/things talked about, please check out Willow's post for more details.

The podcast is provided under the Creative Commons: Attribution, Share Alike, Non Commercial license.

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Prague Subway

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Escalator for Infinity

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Digging up some old audio clips, finally. Please let me know if my HTML5 embedded thing doesn't work.

Recorded on January 7th, 2010.

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