Catching Up

A High Dynamic Self Portrait

I stopped reading my RSS feeds sometime late July, early August, a little after my previous post. This included journals and photo streams related to friends. I think the major reason why this happened was due to a drop in free time. Keeping up with everything going on not directly in front of you is a very laborious task, especially with the number of feeds I’m subscribed to. Since then I think I’ve made several hundred Twitter posts and so on, also uploaded a large quantity of new photographs. Today I’ve opted to close down my Twitter client and replace its screen realestate with my task list. Additionally I doubled the size of my terminal window by killing my IRC client and generally being done with #Noisebridge for a little while.

Anyhow, here I am making a fresh post on my sadly neglected journal.


Toorcamp was rather interesting and fun. It turned into a bit of a “surprise you’re in a dusty place” sort of vacation. Met a great many very awesome people and hope to run into them again in the future. Also hanging out in a missile silo was pretty cool.

Burning Man turned out to be very intense this year. I enjoyed setup week more then I ever have and appreciate those whom I worked with closely. The event as usual was weird but also fun. The most stress free ride back home.


I’ve be involved with Noisebridge more and more in the past few months. Recently we moved shop to a new location at Mission and 18th. Build out has been good lesson in group dynamics and picking your battles.


Film photography has started to consume my life as of late. Just last week I developed my own roll of film for the first time since high school. It was a pretty gratifying experience and I’m looking forward to building out the darkroom at Noisebridge.

I have some new photo projects that I’ll be posting about shortly.