Qarly's Camera Mystery Adventure

Camera Mystery

For Qarly’s birthday many of us massed together to acquire her a new camera. We planned on presenting it to her after the end of a sort of mystery treasure hunt around her neighborhood at night during the party.

She was told that her old camera had run away, searching for a new friends. A different camera (mine) filled with photo clues on where to go was handed to her and the mystery began. There were four locations where friends would be staying around her block. The clues led her to each grouping of friends, where they would ask to have their photo taken to document such an mystery. At that point she would be loaned a higher quality camera to take the photo with.

The clues led her back to her house, filled with friends waiting for her with the newer camera.

The photos in this set were all the clues used to direct her around the block. Watching them as a slide show is recommended.

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